I slept in and off til about 6 pm yesterday. The most painful part of the surgery was getting my wedding ring cut off. I’m not being poetic — that archaic tool actually hurt!  I was in good spirits until around 1 am. 

At 1 am, my cat let me know she was in the room. I got up, let her out, and came back to bed realizing the ice pack leaked through one of my stacked pillows. Well, I took a hydrocodone and could not fall back to sleep due to the itching.  About an hour or so later, I realize my hand is swelling and googled if that’s okay. 

Fast forward to the dogs barking and me waking my husband up at 7.  He tells me to call the surgeon about my hand. She says it is not normal and to remove the ace bandage to see if that helps. If not, I have to call her back. 

I’m eagerly awaiting with two ice packs on my hand/arm. Not the best second-half to day 1 of post-surgery!

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