Looking ahead

Today, I emailed a letter to one of my colleagues.  I would refer to her as my supervisor but she prefers colleague.  Its contents have been plaguing me for quite some time:

My eternal dilemma…

Next week I will become the VP-Communications for the SEPTSA Board (Special Education PTSA).  It involves many volunteer hours to complete the necessary work.  In addition, when Roger begins Kindergarten, I plan on volunteering in the classroom a couple of hours per week.  Here lies my dilemma.  Besides my position at (my place of employment), these two positions are near and dear to my heart and I will not sacrifice the time needed for these 3 roles.  However, this makes me wonder what time and energy I will have left over for Grad School.  In my priority list, Grad School falls below the above listed, family time, and health.  Is my position secure if I do not attend Grad School?  I’m putting out feelers as to what my priority list has to look like next year and the years ahead until Roger is older and, hopefully, more independent.  Of course, I am still “on the fence” but wanted to let you know where I was currently……Being that I will be starting to volunteer prior to the start of the Spring semester, I should have a pretty good idea as to how much time I have left per week.  

She reassured me and I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  So much stress has left my body.

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