Sleep, I hold you so dear

Luckily, last night Rob slept in Roger’s room and I got to sleep in our king bed.  I might not have gotten the best night’s sleep (lots of tossing and turning and waking at 2 am out of habit), but I was able to fall back asleep and stay in bed until 6:30ish.  I feel like a brand-new woman.  I am the polar opposite of yesterday’s zombie.  I feel refreshed, raring to go, happy, and not irritable (well, I am alone all day, so it may be too early to say that).  I am enjoying myself today and getting lots done.

This afternoon, our new ABA will arrive to talk about our sleeping issues.  It could not have come at a better time or on a better day, since I am functional.  I am HOPING things getter better.

Currently, in the background, I am listening to Belle  & Sebastian’s Live on YouTube.  As if to be reassured in my “bigger” size, I see the woman behind the beautiful voice and music.  She is not what one would envision.  She is normal, not made up, what one may say is a “plain Jane”.  But she is not plain, she is angelic as soon as the vocals leave her body.

I am so much more than my outer appearance.  I have to remember that.  Daily affirmation time?




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