The sleep trials

Wednesday, late afternoon, we had our first appointment with an ABA team to, mainly, discuss our co-sleeping issues. A nighttime schedule was devised as well as a plan to start implementing independent sleep beginning this upcoming Sunday night. The people-pleaser that Roger is wholeheartedly agreed to begin sleeping on his own. Every time I would bring up the same issue prior, he would not even consider it. I remained pessimistic of his agreeableness. 

That evening when it was time to get ready for bed, Roger took the new schedule and told my husband and I what he would be doing and in what order. He also stated that he was sleeping by himself. I disagreed (mainly because Rob had to get up at 3 am for a flight and that didn’t seem like the ideal first night sleeping downstairs). Roger screamed, “No. I’m sleeping by myself”. I could not argue. This is what we were hoping for. 

As far as I know, Roger slept pretty well that first night. My sleep, however, was chaotic: worrying about Roger, sharing a bed with a husband who could not sleep, waking him at 3 am, trying to sleep again at 4, and awoken by Roger a bit past 6. He was so proud of himself!  And I was so proud of him too!  He told EVERYONE at his school. 

Yesterday, Roger had two requests: 1) that I move the extra bed back to the guest room and 2) that I sleep in the guest room instead of downstairs. Not a problem. Except, yet again, my sleep sucked. Tossing and turning and listening.  I woke to a crying boy at 4, “its taking a long time”. I’m assuming for morning to come or for me to get out of bed. Thankfully, today a clock arrived that shows him when to sleep and when he can wake mommy. 

So, here we are, going on night three, and I am more prepared. I got myself a cozy cover, some earplugs, and a white noise machine. Let sleep come, please. 

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