Focus off me

I’ve been focusing these posts so much on me that I have neglected to write about the person that led me to blog to begin with, my son.  It is nearing his sixth birthday and I feel like changes in him are occurring daily.

It’s amazing how far he has advanced in the past month.  He will have (somewhat) reciprocal conversations, tell you his feelings and ask about yours, answer questions directed to him or even not directed to him (ie, the TV), and he now sleeps in his bedroom alone!!!  We are still in the prize stage of sleeping alone (which can be equated to prize stage for potty training).  I did tell him that the prizes will start to occur less frequently.  However, it seems the biggest prize for him is 1) waking me up once his clock tells him it is OK to and 2) having just the 2 of us watch TV up in his room in the morning.

The speed at which the switch over to “independent” sleeping mimics his switch from pull-ups to potty training.  It took YEARS to occur but the final push was quick.  Geez, that mimics my labor too.

Now, our big issue is to find other things to work on in ABA.  Poor us! (sarcasm)

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