Focus back on me

It’s been about a week since my last post and it’s hard to blog after the hiatus.

To begin with, we went to Oklahoma City for the weekend.  Due to the incredibly high temps, we mainly visited museums: The Toy/Action Figure Museum, the Banjo Museum, the Osteology Museum, and the Oklahoma City National Monument and Museum.  I feel like a cloud of sadness has surrounded me since visiting.  There are too many emotions to put into words, so I will let that be.

On a lighter note, I returned with a bad thumb infection.  The infection and mega-antibiotics made me quite sick for a few days’ time.  Nothing seemed to matter except rest and getting Roger taken care of.  I even took time off of work, which is a rarity.  Yesterday, the doctor had to take “thumb matters” into her own hands (punster).  She got the infection out of my thumb and I am feeling much better today.  Yesterday, nausea followed the infection extraction.

Today, I have been trying to clear the clutter of work and my neglected house.  Clutter makes me unfocused and unhappy.  Perhaps today’s organization will shrink that cloud of sadness.

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