45 for 45…in 73 weeks

color-4007I would do 44 for 44 but it feels too rushed!  I am not sure I really need to lose 45 lbs but there are many components to 45 for 45.  I am going to try to be healthier by my 45th birthday.  I want to be my healthiest thus far.  So, it is not just weight loss but overall wellness.

45 lbs. (maybe – at least a solid 25)

45 minutes of reading a day (not browsing the internet)

45 minutes of exercise a day

45 minutes of house cleaning a day

That is my 45  for 45.

(Tomorrow is the weekend, so that is a deal-breaker for starting such a plan.  Like all life changes, it will begin on Monday.  I hope to post daily for accountability.)




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