Week 2 of Summer

I would like to start this post by thanking those family members and friends that have reached out in concern of my mother and myself.  It is so very sweet that we are in your thoughts and that you have reached out.  Again, thank you all very much!

Week 2 of Summer begins a little easier than last week.  Perhaps, it is due to my mindset.  Last night, although up late, I was able to finally spend some alone time with my husband and watch the first few episodes of this season’s Orange is the New Black.  If it hadn’t been midnight, I would have stayed up longer.  This season is just so good!  That, and last week’s Comey testimony, let me escape myself and focus on life outside of our bubble.

With my mind a little de-stressed, I am happy to announce that, although still in excruciating pain, my mother is finally reaping the benefits of in-home physical therapy and able to move about the apartment with either the use of a wheelchair or walker.  That, of course, also puts my mind a tad at ease and am happy her follow-up appointment is Wednesday where her pain medications should be sorted out and aide in her recovery.

On the home front, today’s maintenance was having our dryer vent cleaned.  The roof inspector said it was a hazard and needed to be done soon.  The tech who came out said there was a lot of lint but has seen much, much worse.  I asked him a timeline of when we should have it done again (websites all claim yearly).  He said with a family of 3 and pets, he recommends every 8-10 years!  This type of honesty makes me smile ear to ear.

Finally, tomorrow Roger begins the first of his part-time summer camps.  This one is Wacky Olympics at Yogi Kids.  The past couple of days he has told me how much he is going to miss me and how he is nervous about going to camp.  Believe me Roger, I am too!

2 thoughts on “Week 2 of Summer

  1. Leah, I am so happy that things are a little better for you. Re. the dryer vent, you would be able to tell if it isn’t working right when you notice it is taking longer than usual to dry things. Also where the vent leaves the house, if you see dampness or even lint, that is a good sign, if not, investigate. Glad to hear you mom is doing better. I’ll try to call her today. Don’t worry, I think Roger will absolutely love camp! It is so sweet the way he tells you he’s going to miss you!


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