I am so hungry all the time lately.  I wonder what the culprit could be.  I am exercising to help reduce stress and be healthier.  I am blogging to help with the same issues.  The one aspect of my life that is really troubling is my lack of sleep.  I keep wondering if that is why I am so hungry.

I do not want to take sleep medication but wonder what I could do differently to sleep more.  First off, I sleep in Roger’s bed and that is not going to change anytime soon.  I try to go to sleep without too much on my mind but sometimes, like last night, I kept replaying some items from the day.  I read all the tips on what to avoid and what to do to sleep better.  I am not sure if having the fitbit tell me how little sleep I am getting is causing me to sleep less and/or to feel more tired.

Today I meet with my nutritionist and will discuss hunger/sleep/mood cycle and all that good stuff.  I really am thinking the root of most of my mood issues, food issues, back issues stem from lack of sleep and the inability for my body to restore itself due to that.

Anyhow I just finished breakfast/lunch and would love another cup of coffee.  I shall resist the urge and trudge along.

2 thoughts on “Hungry

  1. Sleep seems to be harder to come by the older we get. My sister Gail is an insomniac. I, on the other hand have always needed 7 to 8 hours sleep to function correctly. Now as I get older, I find myself napping twice a day, (no kidding, a morning nap and a late afternoon nap.) I still fall asleep after dinner when watching my favorite shows. Now I’m angry, and by the time I brush my teeth, etc. I’m wide awake until 2 or 3 in the morning. Sleep seems to have a direct link to diabetes, weight loss, a feeling of well being, and so the list goes. Experts say, no light, no reading, no TV when going to sleep. Are you kidding…I could go mad in the dark with nothing to occupy my mind. My own thoughts make me crazy. When I do sleep, my dreams are so vivid that I sometimes wake up in a different reality and it takes a while for me to realize this is still a dream…it is not real! I hope your nutritionist comes up with some really good ideas. Please share them. Love you always, Aunt Nancy


    1. Basically, the solution for now is telling Rob that when he gets home from work (usually about 8) that I am heading to bed during the week. It will lessen our time together, but I am so exhausted.


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