It’s Fall…for a day or 2

Fall weather has finally hit the DFW area.  After yesterday’s high of 95, today has a high of 71.  Unfortunately, this weather will not last long as Friday and Saturday soars back up to 91!  Appreciating the dropped temperature, we will be voyaging to the Pumpkin Patch after this morning’s camp.

Of course, it wouldn’t be our normal schedule if only a leisurely trip to the pumpkin patch was the only thing on the agenda.  After that, we have my follow-up doctor’s appointment, Roger’s swimming lesson, and dinner at my parent’s.

On an exciting note, this weather made me crave Matzo Ball soup and search for the best in DFW.  I happened upon Cindi’s New York Deli.  There are several locations, one only about 30 minutes away.  I am so eager for some soup and latkes!

Happy Fall!

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