What a week!

There were many times I thought about blogging this past week, especially when things were going well and I was very organized, focused, and accomplished.  However, I stayed on task and did not blog.  Today I feel overwhelmed, anxious, unfocused, agitated, and depressed.

Saturday night we went to see Ministry but my ear was in so much pain from previous sinus infections that we had to leave early.  Monday I started new medicines that included steroids.  The good news is my ear is feeling much better.  The bad news is that, although it gives me extra energy, it makes me incredibly angry, annoyed, and, overall, pissed off.  Each day I have a shorter fuse.  Tomorrow is my last day of the five day pack but I do not know how long it will linger in my system.  I am very sensitive to steroids but this seems to be the only med that has helped me with this over month long ear issue.

There are so many things coming up and that I have been planning on doing:  new rules/check system for Roger’s behaviors, selling our old dining room table, Thanksgiving next week, sorting through our bedroom “crap” so that we can get hardwood floors installed the Monday after Thanksgiving, trying to figure out what Roger wants for the holidays, hoping to sell toys and donate toys that Roger does not play with, getting bags of clothes ready for donation, etc.  The thought of all is just too much.  I want to just hide under the covers and wake up with everything done for me!

Let me get through this workweek and maybe then I can breathe and get in gear for the holidays!


2 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. Hi Leah, You certainly have a lot on your plate. I don’t know how to advise you on most things, but I think I can help with Roger’s Christmas List. You may not agree, and I was certainly surprised when Sharon and Mike gave each of the kids a Christmas Catalogue from Toys R Us and said to circle each thing they would like to get for Christmas. That was the only way they knew what the kids wanted. It seemed to work for them. I’m not crazy for the idea as it takes all the surprise out of the gifts, but if the kids are happy with what they get, then I guess it worked! My guess is that after they circled the gifts they then wrote a letter to Santa asking for what they wanted. How else could you explain it away?


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