Yesterday’s Epidural

Yesterday I had my third cervical epidural.  My two previous ones were done a couple of years ago.  I had some nerve issues after my second one but did not have any issues with the actual procedure.  That was not the case yesterday.

First off, we had to be at the hospital at 6 a.m.  So, we woke up about 1.5 hours earlier than normal.  That wouldn’t have been a big deal, but I could not sleep at all due to the fact I was worried my alarm would not wake me.  I was up every few minutes looking at the clock.  Therefore, when it was time to wake up, I was already awake and exhausted.  My husband had to get my son ready for school so he had to leave me at the hospital.  I was glad they were gone before I got my IV.  Normally, I get my IV in my hand.  However, this time the nurse put it on the side of my hand/wrist.  The only other time I had it there was when I had surgery on my ankle (almost 20 years ago) and it hurt so bad that I clearly remember that.  Yesterday, it hurt as much as I recall it hurting then.  She even commented that something was up with the nerve and she had to reposition it.  Fun times!

The fun continued in the endoscopy room.  We had to wait for the anesthesiologist.  I chatted a tad with the doctor and staff while waiting.  I was being chipper.  They positioned me face down and, eventually, started the anesthesia. My next memory was the anesthesiologist commenting that I had to stop moving.  I felt like he was reprimanding me.  I started crying and was thankful I was face down and no one could see.  Then I swore I could feel the procedure taking place. It hurt like hell and I cried from then until I was brought in the recovery, where the nurse commented a few times on when my husband would be back — he had to drop our son off at school.  I was still crying when he arrived and on the drive home.  It took me some time before I could tell him about it.

I have been under anesthesia many times and never woke crying.  It makes me very nervous about having my next epidural in three weeks.  I sent a note to my doctor telling her the above in a more vague manner.  She tried calling but I was at my son’s school’s Chili Cook-Off.  She responded via email and asked me to call her tomorrow.  I have a lot to consider in the next few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Epidural

  1. Wow, Leah, the people who do the anesthesia, and the nurses who give the needles to do the drip, etc. seem to be butchers lately. It doesn’t seem to matter where you go, it’s all the same. I’ve had an experience like yours, and my neighbor/fried here also has had the same problem. Now, here’s the difference and please listen to me. When the male nurse practitioner started to put the needle in my hand it hurt so much that I started screaming for him to stop, and he ended putting it in my arm/elbow instead. Another occasion I recently had, was they couldn’t find a vein to put it in my hand so they started to put in in my arm, went all the way through to the other side, and oh well, back to the hand. I said Oh No! You get the anestheologist in here to do it. Well, the gave me the head nurse and she was able to put it in my hand, but not on the top of my hand, more to the side almost to my wrist. That worked, but it took 4 sticks before they got it right. All of a sudden all these tech’s are saying you have rolling viens! Oh, When and why did that happen and it’s happening to everyone! BS…That’s their excuse for not doing it right! Use your voice. It it is very painful they are doing it wrong and insist the the Anestheologist does it. Have that conversation with your doctor! Hope this helps. Love, Aunt Nancy


    1. I have been super emotional since Wednesday too. I think I’m passing on anything with general anesthesia for awhile. I have to have a colonoscopy in May, so, unfortunately, I will need it then.


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