April 24, 2013 – A dog here and a dog there

As most of you know, we have a new addition to the clan:  our lovely pekingese, Snuffles Israel.  The journey to Snuffles began after the removal of Roger’s EEG.

With the bulk of Roger’s appointments having been in Sacramento (a 1.5 hour drive from Chico), we always try to do something fun while in the area.  This particular day we decided to take Roger to Funderland — an amusement park for toddlers which we had noticed after taking him to the zoo after his other neurologist appointment.  After Roger rode on all the rides, I noticed a pony ride a few yards away from the entrance.  What happened to also be at the pony ride was a showing of dogs from a shelter.  One dog, not in the enclosure, caught Rob’s eye.  Rob now wanted a dog, this dog.  I have been eager for a dog, but Rob has thought of excuse after excuse (most notably our landlords not wanting pets in the house we rent).  However, Rob got the contact information on the dog and called the following day.  After some prodding, the foster family said we could adopt the dog.  Rob called our landlords, had a lengthy discussion, and they ok’d a small, housetrained dog (I previously brought up the issue via e-mail but was not currently interested in any particular animal).  Unfortunately (or fortunately in hindsight), the foster family called back and said they were too attached to their dog.

That set off an obsession in me to search the local shelter websites, petfinder.com, adoptadog.com, etc. for our new doggie.  I made a few appointments at Butte Humane Society and the Chico shelter to meet some doggies.  None were the right fit, fortunately.

I kept the quest up and found two adorable Pekingeses through the North California Pekingese Rescue:  Snuffles in Sacramento and Butter in Berry Creek.  I made an appointment to meet Snuffles after Roger’s neurologist appointment on Thursday the 18th and to meet Butter on Sunday the 21st in Oroville.  Well, it was a family affair with my mother, father, Roger and me on the 18th.  We fell in love with Snuffles, so we decided to go back on Saturday before Roger’s endocrinologist appointment and have Rob meet the little lady.  As soon as Rob saw her, he was attached!  So, we went to the appointment and headed back to adopt our new doggie!  As if our schedule was not packed enough, I fitted in a grooming appointment and veterinary appointment this week!  What are two more appointments when you don’t have a moment to breathe!  Hey, but she’s worth it.

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