April 24, 2013 – Doctor, Doctor, Dentist

The past couple of weeks have been incredibly hectic.  Poor Roger has had so many doctor appointments…and they happened to be in Sacramento.

Two weekends ago (Friday and Saturday the 12th and 13th), we had to go to Sacramento for Roger’s 24 Hour Ambulatory EEG.  The attaching of the EEG was an arduous hour in which Roger screamed and sweated so heavily that the electrodes on his forehead had to be reapplied a couple of times.  We were so concerned about how Roger would do with the EEG on his head…would he be pulling at it constantly?  could he sleep at night with it on his head?  would he keep the backpack containing the component on his back without much fuss?

The 24 hours were an exceptionally mellow time.  Roger was well-behaved, only tried to remove the device twice, and slept a still 10 hours.  I think the pressure on his head actually calmed him.  I mentioned this during his follow-up appointment.  The removal of the EEG was, perhaps, even more traumatic due to Roger recognizing the medical center.  The follow-up appointment was on Thursday the 18th.  The results show he did not have a seizure and his brain activity was normal. We have our next appointment in 6 months and we hope it goes as smoothly!

This past Saturday the 20th Roger had a pediatric endocrinology appointment due to his high thyroid levels in the blood work done at the pediatric neurologist.  It was a short, positive experience.  Roger has a genetic condition that 1 in 15,000 have:  high level carrier proteins.  There is no harm done and no treatment needed unless we see a change in his tsh level or if his neck glands appear larger.  I have goiters, so I assume he received this genetic component from me.  If he has children, the doctor noted, they shall also be carriers.

Unfortunately, today Roger had a dentist appointment for a dental cleaning.  His last appointment at the dentist was for a filling of a cavity in his front tooth and the sealing of his molars.  It was a long, scary appointment.  Therefore, when hearing we were going to the dentist, Roger proclaimed “NO”.  Despite his new-found hatred of the dentist, he survived the appointment and retrieved a motorcycle from the toy box.

What a brave little man to endure so many appointments in so little time!

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