January 3, 2014 – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Yesterday, in my very short post, I spelled out some of my “resolutions” or my yearly to-do list/make things better list.  I did go to the gym, work-out at home, and eat healthy all day (yay), but my patience failed me.  And the one pushing my impatience was my lil man.  It began on our way out the door to McDonald’s when Roger had a meltdown over having his shoes on.  Lately, that has been a huge issue but he usually overcomes it in the promise of french fries, ice cream and play.  Once there, he was a pretty good boy until about 15 minutes before we left.  He kept climbing into high chairs (that he cannot get himself out of) and climbing on the outside of the play structure and “hiding” in the garbage.  He was having a grand ol’ time despite my pleas to stop.

Our next stop was the gym where I promised him a smoothie.  However, the shoe issue arose again when leaving McDonald’s and he complained all the way to the gym.  At the play center, he got to take his shoes off and we had our third struggle upon putting shoes on to get the smoothie and go to the car.  He crawled, walked on his knees, and finally removed one of his shoes.  On the way to the car, he attempted to remove the second shoe.

The sensory issues continued into bedtime where he flipped out over putting on pjs.  He has been doing this for the past week.  He kicks, spins around, flails his limbs, screams…and then he cries and tries to pull down his pant legs and pull up his sleeves.  He cried himself to bed.  Today, the sitter stated he refuses to wear his pants.  She said he seems very uncomfortable.

I made a doctor’s appointment for today.  Besides his worsening sensory issues, he’s been complaining of a stomach ache this week, had diarrhea and, subsequent, diaper rash, his eczema is flaring up, plus a bit of rashes.  I am not one to “go there” but I think this may all be an immunity issue that could go as far back as his original stomach virus, that led to the toxic arthritis in his leg, that meandered into croup, fevers/colds, current stomach ache and other issues listed above.

I am hoping the doctor doesn’t look at me like I have 3 heads!  I am hoping we do get some answers/help and that Roger will be feeling better in no time!

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