June 5, 2012 – WAKE UP!

I cannot catch up on sleep.  I wake up so tired and just get more tired as the day continues.

Roger is on the same path.  He wakes up at 5:30 and cannot be talked into falling back to sleep.  Then, he just yawns and yawns and gets very cranky and irritable for his therapy session and crashes with the babysitter.  How can we break this cycle and get the sleep we so desperately need?  *Any advice would be appreciated!*

Besides going through the day like the walking dead, I do try to keep our day scheduled and filled with a similar routine.  I am not getting used to feeling sleep deprived.  Is Roger?  It would be one thing if he was still happy-go-lucky then we could accept that he only needs that much sleep.  However, this is not the case.  It makes both of our days more emotional, stressful, and long!

I wish the next cup of coffee will successfully wake me up.  I am truly doubtful.

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