June 2, 2012 – Ouch!

Klutziness is a family trait.

This Thursday, prior to my dentist appointment, I decided to stop at Safeway to pick up a few things.  However, I barely made it into the store.  I tripped over the curb leading to the store and nearly crashed into a family!  The oddest thing about tripping is while the act was occurring I was trying to figure out how to stop this catastrophic event.  Unable to do so, I did not think about how to lessen the fall — put hands out to protect face.  Instead, my forehead, chin, left hip, and inner right knee hit the pavement.  I rolled over and kept my face covered until I was courageous enough to unmask myself — both out of embarrassment and fear of a bloody face.  I was helped up by the woman I almost ran over and noticed quite a few people looking on.  I kept apologizing…for what, I do not know.  I kept stating how embarrassed I was also.  It is strange what comes out of your mouth when you do not put a filter on yourself.  I think the apologies and stated embarrassment continued for five minutes or so.

I grabbed a shopping cart while holding back tears and tried to go shopping.  However, the tears did come and my body started shaking.   I could not stop either from happening.  In addition, the pain started creeping in.  I decided to leave the cart in the store and get to the car as quickly as I could without tripping again.

Once in the car, I knew I could not drive.  I looked in the mirror and was amazed you could not see anything — a little bump on the forehead and chin.  I was aching…my head and chin throbbing…and the shakes continued.  I called my mom and Rob before I tried to head home.  I got home quickly and remained in the car for a few minutes — for fear of Roger accidentally hurting me.  But, the heat drove me out of the car.  I got in the house and bee-lined to the bedroom.

Two days have passed and the pain remains.  It actually feels a bit worse.  The majority of my pain is in my neck and upper back, my left arm – which must have hit the ground or twisted or something, my left hip, and my abs — as if I did crunches or something.  I am hoping it feels better by Monday.  If not, I guess I may have to go to the doctor (although our day is pretty packed already).

C’mon body, fix yourself!

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