October 12, 2012 – Where will this post go?

I have decided to write a new post today.  I am not sure what this will be about or if it will go anywhere.  I logged in and realized it’s been over a month since my last posting!  It’s amazing that when I should blog most often — when things are feeling completely out of control and I should get things off my chest — is when I cannot muster up the energy to type.

This week has been very kind to me (despite the broken toe).  Roger has been an adorable toddler, Rob’s been a sweet hubby, my parents have been here when I need them, and my niece is watching my son as I work paying so much attention to him!

This week, I wholeheartedly believe in the statement:  “Life is Good”.  I know most of my posts end up sounding negative, but today I cannot refrain from pointing out all the positives in my life:  a loving husband, a fantastic, whimsical son, supportive parents and niece who live nearby, a beautiful house, the opportunity to work from home, beginning to establish friendships, a successful support group.

Therefore, I will state it one more time:  LIFE IS GOOD!

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