Hell aka Co-Sleeping

As an infant, many people have their babies in a pack-n-play or bassinet next to their bed.  The child will then be moved to a crib…toddler bed…twin bed, etc. in their own bedroom.  Our situation started out much the same as we moved Roger to a crib…

All was good until about 12 months of age, I believe.  Exhaustion makes my memory hazy. Around that age, Roger would awake moments after falling asleep in his crib.  I was not one who could do the “cry it out” method.  Sooooooo, Roger ended up in our bed.  Eventually, we brought his toddler bed, put it against the wall and pushed our queen bed against it.  It was like we were back to the bassinet days.  However, at this age, he would suffer through all these soothing rituals to try to fall asleep.  Nothing worked for hours upon hours.  Fortunately, our pediatrician recommended a very small dose of melatonin.

Fast forward to almost age 6…
We have graduated from the “family bed” to one adult sleeping in the king bed in the “big bedroom” while the other adult sleeps with Roger in two beds pushed together….to two beds slightly separated….to two beds on different parts of the same bedroom.  I am usually the lucky adult who gets to sleep in my son’s room.  Recently, Roger has been waking in the middle of the night and climbing into the twin bed I get to sleep in.

Sleep…what is that?  I am averaging 1.5 – 5 hours of sleep per night.  This is getting absolutely ridiculous.  Next Wednesday, I am hoping for a godsend of an ABA therapist who will begin our journey to end this Hell I have created.  Wish ME luck!

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