The Saga continues…

Well, the happiness I had a couple of weeks ago ceased when I ceased sleeping “well” (I did not sleep well before but it has gotten worse).  I have been crabby, so irritable, and a pleasure to be around.  Luckily, today was my appointment with my psychiatrist.  Again, we are trying a new medication.  However, this medication takes about 4 weeks to build up in your system, so I have to remain on these non-altering, constipation-inducing pills until my next appointment on Monday, August 8th.

On another pleasant note, my son’s anxiety is through the roof.  I guess having two anxious parents does not help one bit.  However, my son is five and crying hysterically that he won’t be able to take his vitamins or brush his teeth before school because there is not enough time.  This was not always so, as he has asked in the past, to take vitamins when he gets home.  Each day his anxiety builds more and more about small issues.  It seems some of his sensory issues have been replaced with anxiety regarding non-sensory issues.  I wonder if that occurs….hmmm, will have to ask the specialists.

Needless-to-say, the household has been a joy….wanna come over one morning?!


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