After yet another 2 o’clock hour awakening (2:14 to be exact), I am a zombie.  Seriously.  I am no longer inhabiting this body.  Something that is barely functioning in airplane mode is inhabiting my body.  With today’s workload, I was unable to nap and am afraid the drive to Grapevine and back may be my downfall.  I usually yawn my way there but hope I do not end up closer to sleep…

One may think my child will be utterly exhausted after a full-day of school after waking so early.  HA!  He will be raring to go and off we are to go to the CAC.  I hear heat, humidity, and sun really wake you up.  If I’m a zombie now, I can’t even imagine what I will turn into by 6:30 this evening.  Seriously, I am trying to conjure what I shall be:  a comatose zombie?!


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