April 15, 2014 – Consistency is key

In parenting, consistency is key.  In the parenting of a son with autism, routine is essential and change is the enemy.

There has been a regression in some of Roger’s behaviors this week.  His shoe issue which I posted about January 3rd has resurfaced along with the need to wear pajamas as soon as he gets home from school.  Other traits of note that have reappeared:  periods of constant spinning, refusal to play in play therapy, being a bit more wrapped up in his own world — truly not listening to me or any of his therapists.

Roger has had two major upsets to his routine:  1.  His father was in NYC visiting family Thursday through Sunday.  Roger briefly saw his father Thursday afternoon and did not see him again until Monday morning.  2.  Roger has a new occupational therapist.  In addition to his old occupational therapist being amazing, the new therapist seems much more demanding of procedures (i.e. Roger has to ask to play with items by using full sentences, look straight in her eyes, is not allowed to make many choices).  I think he is anxious and, possibly, rebelling.

With summer approaching, I am fearful of all the major changes coming our way.  First off, he is being terminated from play therapy since he has made great strides and his therapist is discontinuing at the end of her semester at school.  His last session is the first week of May.  Secondly, Roger will be attending Extended School Year at a different campus, with a different bus route, different “friends”, different teachers/aides, different school hours, etc.  Then, even with the ESY, there will be a couple of gaps between sessions.  Lastly, with Roger’s feeding evaluation on May 15th, there will be a new emphasis of therapies on food via OT, speech, psychology and nutrition.

Wish us luck!

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