What a Pain!

Today I have the best of intentions to clean the remainder of the house while my son is out with daddy this late afternoon. In anticipation, I have been doing a little bit of dusting here and there. Oh my, my back/neck/arms hurt! I am doing NOTHING intense, just walking and mildly dusting.

My thoughts as I continued to dust: do I even need another neurosurgeon appointment?! (I do just in regards for timeframe surgery may be necessary). A few days ago I read through blog posts from July describing my neck/arm/head pain and remembered how physical therapy made it more unbearable. I guess the months that the pain diminishes or lessens in degree, I forget about the painful months. I don’t have many readers to my blog but this journal really helps me in keeping a log of pain (physical and emotional).

Last night, I looked over at my son beside me in bed. It caused he most excruciating pain. I must turn my body when I am upright and looking side to side. It brought tears to my eyes realizing surgery may be closer than I hoped.

2 thoughts on “What a Pain!

  1. Hi Leah, Has any doctor mentioned to you the new procedure they now have. It is like a stim machine. They now have one that attaches to you spine. They do a temporary one first and if it releaves your pain then they install it with a minor surgery. The way it works is when the pain worsens you have the ability to raise the amount of stimulation to the nerves. I would think that it would be a better option then back surgery. Have you heard about it. Ask you orthopedic surgeon about it. Please!

    Love you, Nancy

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    1. I know they use that for lower back pain. My mother is trying to get one. Since the surgeon said there is damage, pain is on the symptom not the problem. That will take away the symptom but not stop the degeneration and spinal compression from getting worse.

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