May 31, 2012 – Beyond Exhausted

The past few days have been extremely stressful.

Rob and I are excited to have my parents here in Chico.  However, Roger is not so keen on the idea.  He has been crying off and on since they arrived early Tuesday afternoon.  I thought it would cease by now.  It is starting to make my parents feel badly, especially my mother whom he seems to have a more adverse reaction to.  The perpetual meltdowns are exhausting all of us!

Besides the exhaustion, I am unable to do anything that requires me to leave the room that Roger is in.  It is making every day little tasks turn into monumental events:  laundry, dishes, going to the bathroom, etc. This is causing more stress and exhaustion.  My body feels incredibly tense head-to-toe.  Plus, my energy is gone and the yawning begins at 6 am and ends at 10 pm (or whenever I can actually fall asleep).

The past week has been incredibly overwhelming for Roger (and the rest of us).  Thursday night was the Support Group, Friday was the Fair, and Saturday we went away to Ashland.  Tuesday, we tried to get Roger back on routine, but my parents arrived that afternoon — upsetting his routine and his environment.  I feel so badly for him, for my parents, his sitter, and for my husband and I.

I have to admit I feel the most sorrow for Roger and myself — the two of us who have to deal with his meltdowns the most frequently!

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