Queen of Allergies

I went to the allergist to talk about how my allergies have gotten worse and the shots do not seem to be helping anymore.  Unfortunately, I get the highest dosage possible and I get an epi-rinse since I get a bad reaction from them.  When the doctor came in, she referred to me as “the Queen of Allergies”.  Below is a list of my allergy test results.  Anything with a fraction, I am allergic to (they did not test food).  She is gung-ho, YAY, allergy shots, so she does not want me to discontinue.  Instead, she wants me to take a bunch of meds to try and feel meh, instead of hellish.  She thinks it’s a combo of untreated sinus infection, allergies, asthma, and acid reflux.  I go back in two weeks.  Above my allergy list is my treatment list.IMG_3688


One thought on “Queen of Allergies

  1. OMG Leah! The only thing you’re not allergic to is mold! Outrageous! I don’t even understand some of the things they want you to do, i.e. Probiotic supplements etc. Perhaps you should consider moving back to a North East City, where we have at least 6 months of the year where you are not subject to tree pollen and not much grass in a city. I truly understand why you were looking up the boy in the bubble! I have a friend who lives in Mass. and he says that Boston is the best city in the US. (He would know, as he’s worked all over the US.) Just some thoughts! Wish I could help you in some way.

    Love, Aunt Nancy


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