October 29, 2013 – Therapy began today

Well, we met last week with a Behavior Therapist and we decided that a couple of times a week she would observe and give suggestions on how to make our situation easier/nicer/less full of friction.  Today was the first observation day.

What was observed?  A perfect angel.  We even went out of our way to try to trigger some bad behaviors — going to Target, making him leave the toy aisles, etc.  He was so smitten by the therapist and explaining everything to her that he was totally compliant.  Our scheduled 1.5 hour session was reduced to 1 hr.  She noted that this is not rare for a child’s behavior to be completely different with a new person.  We will have a phone conversation later this week detailing what normally occurs and if there have been any incidences and what set them off.   She will have a plan based on that and the previous observations.

Now I feel like it is me that needs therapy and not Roger and that this lady thinks I’m totally crazy.

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