Something is finally working…

I am relieved that this week has been so much better than the past few weeks.  Something is finally working:  the HRT, the Abilify, slowly adding exercise into the mix, fewer doctor’s appointments.  Whatever the hell it is, even if it is my positive mood swing that may culminate in another month-long depression, I am thrilled to be where I am.  The brain fog has lifted and I no longer feel like my mind cannot make simple comprehensions.  I am actually starting to feel intelligent, once more, and not-so-overwhelmed!

This change could not have happened at a better time, since we head to the beach for a 3-day weekend.  This is the last year-round schooling for Roger and it has been difficult to hide the fact that other kids have summers off.  Our solution was to have three 3-day weekends (one each summer month).  He is thrilled he gets to miss school on a Friday while his classmates have to go to school.  I feel badly that  he doesn’t get to truly enjoy summer vacation like the other kiddos.  However, Roger does require structure and back to back scheduled activities.  Even after his 8:30-4 pm school day, he wants us to go several places.  He hates just going home.  It is very trying for me when I get into my ruts.  This week, I have been obliging with roller skating after therapy on Monday and the splash park/pool for three hours after yesterday’s school day.

Being exhausted by fun family activities is much more rewarding than being exhausted by just existing!

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