“Mommy, you’re sick a lot”

I woke up this morning with terrible allergies (surprise, surprise).  I told my husband that I probably will not accomplish much around the house and only have energy for my work.  My son retorted, “mommy, you’re sick a lot”.  I told him that I have really bad allergies that have been making me very sick.  In actuality, I have a compromised immune system due to my allergies, stress, lack of sleep, etc.  Hearing that from my son took me a bit aback.  He usually does not pay too much attention to how others are feeling.  He is only 6 and usually life revolves around yourself at that age.  Double that with his autism, he usually will just keep asking for me to do things and take him places once I say I am sick.  He probably still will afterschool.  However, he does know he has to accompany me to the allergy doctor.  Maybe he will listen a bit to what she tells me, but I bet he will just be focused on the iPad!

I was hoping to feel better today.  I did yoga for the first time in a long time yesterday.  What was a simple, beginner’s class really tested me (and my allergies).  I also rode the bike for an hour yesterday.  Today, I planned to ride the bike but woke up with terrible wheezing from the allergies.  I did conquer work and was able to do a few laundry chores during my lunch.  My lunch has consisted of leftover matzo.  My stomach feels terrible, as well.  I figured crackers would be the best bet.  Tomorrow is my son’s ARD.  I am sure the stress of that is not helping today.


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