Downer Update

I reposted yesterday’s blogs in some of the FB groups I belong to for cervical issues/ACDF surgery.  I received a lot of acknowledgement of what I have been feeling and dealing with.  I think venting helped my mood a bit.  In the evening, I took my son to him swim lesson and went to the pool afterwards for 2 hours.  My back was in lots of pain, but I did my new exercises from physical therapy that day after dinner.

This morning I woke up, again in pain, but feeling a bit more stable mentally/emotionally.  I made a few decisions that I think were partly to blame for yesterday’s mood:

  1. Do not try to start work before taking my son to camp.  I was already feeling overwhelmed/stressed from the work emails before the day really began.
  2. EAT before going to an 11 am physical therapy appointment.  I only had 3 cups of coffee and water in the morning.  As I was waiting to begin therapy, the hunger crept in.
  3. Do my exercises first thing in the morning and after dinner (on days I have physical therapy).  On days I do not have PT, add another set before picking Roger up from camp.

The exercises are hurting me and the pain is probably worse than before my first day back at physical therapy.  The headache is a bit more intense as well.  I will bring it up with her today.

This week and next are filled with appointments:  Tuesday – PT, Wednesday – PT, Thursday – Internist, Friday – PT, Monday – Pain Management, Friday – Orthopedic Surgeon.  PT wants me to come 3 times a week, so I am guessing that will fill my Tuesday – Thursday.  I can only do one appointment a day due to work.

Another interesting thing occurred yesterday.  I am not sure if it changed my mood for the better or had much of an effect at all.  I was called to schedule my ACDF surgery.  I am still unsure if I will have it and will see how therapy goes, as well as getting a second opinion.  I scheduled it for October 19th, with my pre-op on October 4th and post-op on November 1st.  Sounds like it’s so far away, but in actuality it is only 14 weeks.  It is enough time to see what is working/what is not/and make an informed decision.

One thought on “Downer Update

  1. Leah, I think it’s normal to have more pain when leaving P/T, but you should be feeling better the next day. I don’t think it should still be hurting “More than”, after so many days. Please give your physician a call! One day at a time please. Love you, Aunt Nancy


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