When autism rears its ugly head

Yesterday was a day that was filled with many autism/anxiety/sensory issues.  It is always lurking there (especially the sensory shoe and sock issue that is dealt with multiple times a day), but some days are worse than others.  It began with an ungodly waking time of 4:52.  There was an early morning cry about worries of going away to college and not knowing how to get to his classes.  Yes, my son is 7.

The next meltdown was regarding not building a pool in our backyard for next summer.  There is no reasoning to help a situation like that.  So, unfortunately, more tears were shed.

Not being able to open the DEVO “action figure” was the third inconsolable moment.

The next issue was the not-tight-enough shoe dilemma.  That lasted from roughly 10:30 am til 2 pm, off and on.

Finally, the multiple times he is unable to understand instructions or “see” something that is literally right in front of him.  Repeating things like “the towel is right on top” when exiting the shower.  It may have been that the towel he always uses looked a little different when laying on the towel rack.  Whatever the reasoning, it all made for a tiring day.

Last night I could not sleep and awoke earlier than yesterday.  I hope I can hold it all together for the New Year!

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