Happy 2018!

Yesterday, I was very tired, stressed, and reactive.  I was super moody and snapped at my husband and son the majority of the day.  I was, definitely, not at my best.  However, after many glitches during the day, a switch flipped for me around 5:30 pm.  Roger and I spent the pre-NYE party listening to music and singing karaoke.  At 7, the first of our guests arrived (of the 3 other families joining us).  There was a rocky start with the children, particularly my child.  He complained nobody wanted to play with him.  It reminded me of those holiday parties we had prior to Roger’s autism diagnosis where he would only be happy if me and him went in a separate room from everyone.  The night ended great with two new year’s cheers at 11 pm (for NYC) and midnight.

This morning, although exhausted from a terrible night’s sleep, I woke with a change in attitude for 2018.  I have several intentions and goals for 2018.  After coffee and some straightening up, I wrote in my new journal/yearly calendar.  It is a calendar geared not only towards schedule but goals/aspirations/gratitudes.  It helped me focus on self-growth and have “me” time.

After that, Roger and I did several experiments from the Magic School Bus kit he received for Christmas 2016.  Rob and I watched “Bring It On” and I took an extremely hot and long shower (sorry conservationists but it was so needed for me).  I spent time in the room doing meditation from Headspace and ended up taking a short nap.  Roger woke me up showing me some art he created of The Beatles.  We also read 2 books he checked out from his school library on Rosa Parks and Ronald Reagan.  He only checks out biographies (just as I as an elementary school kid).

Now, post dinner, I am writing in my blog, Richie Rich on Netflix, and Roger exhausted.  He’s been a bit cranky due to lack of sleep the last few days.  He keeps saying how tired he is but refuses to get ready for bed.  Time to deal with this, I guess.

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