Ending February

Wow, one-sixth of 2018 is complete.  Today, I have a slower work pace, as the project responses have slowed down and I can concentrate on different aspects of my work as well.  It has also given me a chance to get up and move around more, which is needed on the day after the “dusting incident”.  I was able to clean the kitchen, to the best of my ability.  This helps since this is where I am currently situated on a stiff chair.

In addition, I was able to break free and have an actual hour break at coffee with my lady friends.  It was a nice change of pace.  Unfortunately, we mainly talk about our kids, instead of ourselves.  I guess that happens when you become a parent — your identity as an individual diminishes into that of a parent.

Now I am experiencing the downside of a slow-paced work day:  exhaustion.  When everything is busy, you don’t notice.  Right now, I am fighting to keep my eyes open.

Gotta get up and move around.  See you in March!

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