Unintentional Hiatus

I have a few minutes and due to today’s “dusting accident” I cannot lounge in my comfy chair.  Stuck upright, I decided to blog.  I cannot believe the last day I blogged was February 9th – 18 days ago.

There have been quite a few changes since that time.  Let me pause and see what was happening on the 9th and I will see what I was doing then and comment on the changes.

Well, that wasn’t the most exciting of blog posts…not sure this will be either!  Well, my husband gave notice at his job and has been working from home as an independent artist since February 19th.  We are into the second week and things are going considerably better than I thought.  Work has been considerably busier than usual due to a huge yearly project.  It is nice having that workload, actually.  It makes the day move faster and I think it made the transition easier having my husband home with me.

Mental health wise:  I had my second appointment with the therapist and was not as thrilled as I was the first meeting.  There is no stress management plan in the works.  I think I need to “stress” that at our next appointment on March 6th. (ba-dum-ch)

Physical health wise:  The past few weeks my elbow has been killing me (where I had ulnar nerve surgery).  Last week I had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.  She believes the pain is stemming from my cervical issues.  She used a water hose in describing the “Double crush syndrome” with the ulnar nerve and my cervical issues.  Two people are stepping on a water hose, when one person steps off, the water may flow, but it still needs to get around the second blockage.  My neck and elbow were both crushing the nerve.  One blockage has been taken care of but my discs may be pressing on my nerve as well.  I have an appointment scheduled for Thursday to discuss, yet another, cervical epidural with the pain doctor.  I guess while I am there I will discuss my dusting incident.  I was enjoying dusting upstairs, twisted wrong (I guess) and sharp pain in my lower left back down my left leg.  Tried meds, icing, hot bath, and it still hurts.  Guess it was a good thing Rob works from home and could pick Roger up!

Roger wise:  Roger was accepted into the STEM Academy at Donald Elementary for 2nd grade.  We applied because it sounded awesome, but we knew the odds were low — about 450 families applied for 80/90 seats (20-25 students for each grade K-3).  The decision to go would be made on the off-chance Roger got selected.  I reached out to Roger’s past BCBA, his special education teacher, his long-term substitute teacher, and his principal asking their advice.  Basically, they all agreed that Roger was a “hands-on” learner and would excel in an learning environment that was 50% hands-on.  We always have the option to return to his neighborhood school.  Roger will be going!

Here’s hoping I will be writing more and in less pain!

2 thoughts on “Unintentional Hiatus

  1. Wow, Leah! A lot of changes! First I want to tell you that the pain in your backside that goes down you leg is sciatica. I’ve lived with that since 1963 when I was carrying Wendy! The only real help for that is physical therapy. And once you learn what you must do to stretch out that nerve, you can do them at home and it takes 10 minutes to do the exercises. It is recommended that you do them 3 times a day, but that is really unrealistic. I still do them twice a day. As soon as I wake up in the morning and when I’m going to bed. I actually do the exercises in my bed, because I’m too old to get down on the floor and since my house is on a slab, it doesn’t matter how thick the carpeting, it’s cold year round. (enough of my whining!)

    As for your neck, that too can be managed by the proper physical therapy. Yes, I have that too. In my case it is Osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, & osteopenia. This p/t is also done twice a day and is added to my other p/t described above. Without that, I wouldn’t be able to drive as I wouldn’t be able to turn my neck, to see cars coming at an intersection. I also cannot turn my head around to see what’s happening with the kids in the back seat.

    So, with that said, I want you to believe that it can and will get better if you can somehow fit those minutes into your routine.

    The news about Roger is fantastic! I’m so happy for all of you over that. It’s been amazing how you have handled all of the parts necessary for Roger to grow well. I only found out last year that one of my cousins from my mother’s side also has an autistic child. I found out because my cousin was participating in a marathon and had solicited support on Face Book, otherwise I would never have known. She had twins 4 years ago, a girl and a boy. The girl is fine, but the boy is not. I have no idea how she’s dealing with the day to day, but I do know that mothers of children with this type of disability are super mothers, and I’m sure she is too!

    Very glad your job is going well. I wish Rob great success with his job. I’ve seen many pieces of his work on line, and while I do admire his talent, his type of art is not my taste. Hope you understand that. I’m more for true to life portraits of people and landscapes.

    Anyway, I’m glad to hear from you and I wish that things could get a little easier for you. Perhaps with Rob at home it will be a great help for you.

    Love you,
    Aunt Nancy


    1. Nancy – our ailments sound so much alike! I too have problems turning my head and driving. I will try another go at PT. I hate that they will only allow you to go for one area at a time (lower back v. cervical). I will probably have to choose which is more “urgent”.
      I also want to send a huge THANK YOU to you for your donation to the Easter Seals of North Texas in Roger’s name. We received a card from them yesterday telling us of your gift. How thoughtful! You are an amazing lady!


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