Sunday – Tax Day

I designated Sunday as the day I would sit down and do our taxes.  What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday, eh?  What could possibly go wrong or turn your mood sour?

This was the first year of doing taxes that I had to figure out how to account for Rob’s second career, self-employment. I had quite a learning curve.  I must’ve done terrible miscalculations at the beginning of the day because the amount we owed was obscene.  I decided to put it aside and clean.

EVERYTHING that was out of place pissed me off ten-fold.  Clearly the tax situation tainted my mood.  The cat peed on my son’s bed, again.  I broke one of my favorite mugs.  We had a flat tire.  NOT A GOOD DAY!

By the time Rob came home with Roger, I was a bit more relaxed.  We “played” a fact card game, did Roger’s exercises for OT, practiced his singing for School of Rock, did FastMath, dinner, and I attempted taxes again.  This time I found some errors and our owed money was more palatable.

In contrast, I am really enjoying this quiet Monday at work!

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