February 2, 2012 – The tale of the upset tummy…

Last night started out a little rough with the lil man’s sleep…He slept for almost an hour in his crib and woke up SCREAMING.  He co-sleeps usually, but on occasion spends an hour or two in the crib.  We brought him into the bed and I tried soothing him.  However, his wailing would not cease which was making him cough and choke.  I brought him out to the living room hoping he’d fall asleep in a more upright position.  This had worked in the past.  He calmed down a bit and then threw up all over the two of us.  My husband and I did a quick cleaning up and pj changing for the lil man.  I rocked him in our glider and he fell asleep within minutes — this is not characteristic.  Usually once awakened, it takes hours to settle him back down.

With a night like that, today was a pretty mellow day.  I received an e-mail this morning from our new sitter saying she was sick and would not be able to work today.  (I started contemplating which one got the other one sick…)  Although I like my work time/personal space, I was a bit relieved that I did not have to get the lil man fed, dressed and the house straightened up before 8:30.

Instead, we leisurely had breakfast:  for the lil man that is oatmeal.  I have to follow him around and spoon feed him while he is engaged in much more stimulating activities.  For me, it is usually a banana and rice cake that I end up splitting with him as well!  I got around to some activities around the house that I normally don’t have time to do:  organizing drawers, washing reusable bags for the store, posting baby items on craigslist…And we both stayed in our p.j.s til after his naptime.

I figured the lil man would go down for naptime quite easily after last night.  However, he was all jumpy during his bottle and kept wanting to get down off my lap and walk around.  I kept insisting he stay put and when he was done, we went straight into the bedroom.  My son is not too cuddly of a kid.  If I put my arm around him at night, he usually removes it quite quickly.  Today, I was surprised that he wanted my arm around him.  If I took it off to scratch my nose, he would pull it back into place.  I found this the sweetest thing – but also made me certain that he must not be feeling too good today.  I let him sleep for about 10 minutes before I got up to do some work for the day.  I decided to only work for 30-40 minutes because if he woke up, I wanted to be next to him how he, obviously, wanted me to be.

The rest of the day was pretty standard:  walk downtown and to the park, swinging at the park, followed by a quick slide and more swinging, and a nice walk home.  I did, however, notice during his diaper change that he was getting his bottom two incisor teeth.  This could explain his upset stomach.  Once these come in, only his 2 1/2-3 year molars.

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