May 29, 2012 – Memorial Day Weekend

Well, our Memorial Day / 5th anniversary weekend was memorable.

It began Friday evening when we decided to take Roger to the Silver Dollar Fair.  I was excited to see his reaction to the animals and lights and the whole hub-bub.  When we entered the fair, we immediately bumped into Roger’s sitter.  You would think he had never seen her or, even more precise, that he did not see her at all.  She excitedly said “Hi” and tried to get Roger’s attention, but he looked through her.  This demeanor pretty much remained at the fair.  When we entered the bunny room, where Roger even had the opportunity to pet a rabbit, he kept his eyes on the fan and we had to pressure him to quickly glance at the bunnies.  I have never seen a child ignore animals so much.  We can even have people bring their pets up to us and let us pet them.  I end up being the only one who pets the animal while Roger looks past it or through it.

Saturday, we left for Ashland, Oregon.  The drive was beautiful.  Roger napped for a little over an hour on the drive and was pretty well behaved the remainder of the drive.  Our visit was very low-key:  walks downtown and to the park, a drive to the winery, eating out…However, the change in routine and scenery really must have upset Roger’s system.  He had meltdowns almost the entire weekend.  It was absolutely exhausting.  The best day was Monday when he slept the majority of the ride home and was thrilled to be back at home.

I think we have decided to put a respite on weekends away with Roger.  It is too difficult for him to handle, which makes it really miserable for us.  Poor baby (and poor hubby and poor me)!

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