The Problem with Birthdays…

This past weekend we celebrated Roger’s Fifth Birthday (although it was officially on Wednesday).  We had a nice party at Jump for Fun (pretty self-explanatory: bounce houses galore).  Roger and his friends had a blast.  Like most kids, Roger could not wait to go home to open his gifts.  We allowed him to only open those gifts from friends at the party.  We were holding off on our gifts and the family gifts until his actual birthday.  After he finished opening all of his gifts in about 10 minutes flat, he started demanding more gifts.  I could not believe his behavior.  It turned into a full meltdown.  I realized he was tired and overstimulated from the day.  I tried resting with him in the downstairs bed.  He kept crying and screaming for more gifts.  I actually don’t remember how he eventually calmed down (and, yes, I realize that was only a few days ago, but my memory is not too good).

Birthday part 2 happened on his actual birthday.  We let him open two presents before school, bought cupcakes for his classroom at school, and were going to pick him up early to go to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate.  The day through Chuck E. Cheese went pretty smoothly (despite my deepest fears of that place).  After Chuck E. Cheese we went to grandma and grandpa’s house for them to wish him a happy birthday.  He was so excited for his present.  I picked out an awesome Batman toy for them to give him.  He loved it but immediately asked for a second present.  Um…there was none.  After a bit of playing with the toy at their place, he wanted to go home and open the rest of his gifts.  He tore through them the same as he did with his other gifts.  One gift was broken.  I told him we would go to return the item later that day and get a new one.  Unfortunately, my husband told him he could choose something else to replace it.  Roger opted for a transformer and all seemed well….UNTIL he proclaimed he wanted a ride-on motorcycle with four wheels….a quad.   Now, to explain that a $30 toy does not exchange for a $400 quad bike.  I told him if he exchanged all his gifts he could get one.  Holy moly two and a half hour meltdown!!!  At one point, he went up to his room for three random toys he would exchange for a motorcycle: a stick and two microphones.  It was adorable but he did not like the reality that an exchange like that would not occur.  I told Rob that Roger did receive money for his birthday and could get a cheaper scooter ride-on.  We all agreed and went to the store.  After what felt like an eternity of sitting in various cars, looking at bikes, asking for large ride on cars and trucks, he eventually settled for two small toys that was equal to the original $30 amount.

Today is the day after his birthday.  I pick him up from school and what does he immediately ask for:  a new toy.  Hey mister this is not a new gift-receiving routine.

Holy smokes, I do not look forward to the holidays now.

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