How many days is today?

I don’t know about the rest of the world but, for me, one day can feel like several disjointed days.  Maybe it is because it begins so early and chaotically.  Maybe because I have to make shifts between my jobs.  Maybe because we are overscheduled.  Maybe because I am exhausted from a lack of sleep and too many things on my mind.

Whatever the reason, today feels like I’m on part 2 right now.  This morning was a lengthy parent-teacher meeting.  They are very helpful, listen attentively and have great input.  After the meeting, I decided to make a doctor’s appointment for Roger.  He has had a cough for about a week that is so terrible at night that we are all sleeping horribly.  I don’t think he was sick, but I wanted to double-check since he is scheduled for an endoscopy next week.  I called from the school parking lot and scheduled a 10:45 appt.  It was 9:15 in Grapevine which is roughly 30-40 minutes from our house in Highland Village.  Instead of pulling him that early, I got some coffee downtown and picked him up a little after 10.  The doctor reassured he is all good to go with the endoscopy and prescribed a nasal allergy medicine.  She believes his coughing may be so severe due to his reflux issues.  A quick run to Five Below for a transformer for being such a good boy (his words) and we headed home.  Thankfully, my parents were able to watch him this afternoon, so I could enter part two of my day.

We arrived home minutes before my folks arrived.  I was trying to bring all of our junk in from the car, get Snuffles outside to go potty, open Roger’s new toys, get a cup of coffee, take out the smelly trash, start laundry, etc.  My parents always get to see me under a mountain of stress.  A mountain of stress from just doing normal chores.  However, I try to do all these things in ten minutes or less.  I get frazzled, inpatient, snappy, pissed off, and super sensitive.  Getting into my work flow actually calms me and gets me back into my routine.  Clearly my Aspergers loves routines and gets upset when my routine is upset (as it was this morning).

Part three of my day will occur after my work shift.  It usually consists of picking up Roger, going to therapy, getting his dinner ready and the bedtime/bathtime routine, and a quick interaction with my husband. Tonight, my parents are taking him to therapy (so I can make up work hours) and will be making dinner at their house.

I know I am lucky to have my parents available….and, yes, I did apologize for my earlier demeanor with them!

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