Today I feel pretty accomplished in the work, home and personal realm.  That being said, I still have half the day to feel overwhelmed and crushed.  However, I am going to try to keep a positive attitude on this gloomy, overcast day.  Although I guess that previous statement does not sound too positive!

This morning, on my walk home from Roger’s school, I had those same contemplative, philosophical thoughts I had mentioned the other day.  Then the major thought hit:  am I having a mid-life crisis?  That can’t be.  I had my mid-life crisis when I bought white roller skates with pink wheels a couple of years ago!  Hmmm, what could be going on where I am contemplating my life’s priorities?

The last series of Meditation I had just completed was themed Prioritization.  Clearly, the meditation is sinking into my daily life.  That is the point.  Maybe I should listen to the Happiness pack next and wait for that to become part of my daily life.

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