2018, Take Two

The second day of the year was not nearly as peaceful as I hoped.  I did have a lovely, full night’s sleep in our king bed downstairs.  However, that tranquility was disturbed by a frantic phone call.  It was a family issue (not immediate family affected).  I tried not to harp on it and go about my day.  Unfortunately, the internet, cable and home phone were all not working,  so Rob called Spectrum to resolve the issues.  They said we would need a technician to come out and the first availability would be Friday.  This is one of the downsides of working from home at a job that does not want you to use Wi-Fi in public places.

Fortunately, while that phone call was still in progress, I had an appointment for a massage and facial.  I still had hope for this day yet.  Both were lovely but I had an especially talkative masseuse.  I like the quiet massage time.  Also, he mentioned religion 3 times during the massage while I am on my stomach with my Coop Devil Tattoo on my back.  These are the times I regret that tattoo.

When I returned home, we decided to eat out and play video games at Round 1.  Here is where the real fun begins….My son has either extreme sensory issues with his feet/shoes and/or OCD.  We think it is sensory since it has been there the majority of his life.  I tightened his left shoe 3 times and his right shoe 5 times and the right shoe was still not tight enough.  My hands could no longer handle the laces.  I told him I refused to tie it anymore and I plopped belly first on the bed.  In anger, he crammed his head into the right side of my back incredibly hard.  Tears filled my eyes and I let out a scream in anguish.  It hurt so badly and he intended on hurting me.  Not only the pain, but intention kept the tears coming.  This was my first big cry of 2018.

It took about an hour or so til we were able to get out the door and salvage the day.  Oh, 2018 you are already trying my patience!

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