January 3rd, what a turd.

Quite a poetic title, eh?  Yesterday’s family drama and my son’s sensory issues continued today.

Last night, I had a phone call while I was in bed for sleep.  I decided not to answer it.  The day exhausted me and I just wanted sleep.  This morning I see complaints of this person on social media that no one helps and the blaming of others.  I corrected them on both accounts.  The person is an adult with a child and acting like a pre-teen with middle school hormones.  In the past, I have been very gentle with them, always giving a listening ear.  We had given money in the past and the same bad decisions were made repeatedly.  This time it was too much.  My parents had given so much and yet complaints of “no family” and “no help” lingered all over Facebook.  I contacted this person via Messenger and was, for the first time, very direct and blunt.    I guess it was not what was desired and I was blocked from conversing after I got a juvenile response.  I texted my response and, again, was given the “no family” and “everyone can go to hell” line.

I felt at peace for finally voicing my true opinion.  However, I heard from my parents of another horrendous decision made and I have been obsessing over it all day.  I keep telling myself not to harp on about it, but then my thoughts go back.

In my conversation with my mother, I finally unloaded all the current issues we have been having with our son and his sensory processing disorder.  The continual battles about shoes, about shirts that do not fit correctly, about one drop of water on his shirt causing a meltdown.  I usually keep this all inside or, lately, have been blogging about it.  She had no idea things were getting so tough with Roger again.

The one thing I was taught since Roger started early intervention at 18 months was that autism is cyclical.  There are ups and downs, regressions and progress.  What I remember from that time was that the downs outlasted the ups.  I guess I have been spoiled by all the progress because this regression in behavior is becoming unbearable.  It slowly began during the summer and has been advancing since first grade began.  He is great at school but not so good at home and at his therapies.

I guess instead of obsessing over someone who is unhelpable, I need to concentrate my efforts and figure out what steps we need to take to break Roger out of his current cycle.

Being a responsible parent is hard.


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