Previously I have written about how I was diagnosed with Double Crush Syndrome from the orthopedic surgeon who performed my ulnar nerve transposition surgery.  For those not aware, it means my nerves are compressed in more than one place.  I had severe compression on my left elbow but also have spinal cord compression which will be remedied (hopefully) with my ACDF surgery in July.  One of the key components is the inability to tell from which compression the pain (or numbness/tingling/weakness/other issues) is stemming from in the body.

Today, I have been having a lot of pain in my left arm.  I am thinking it is from my surgery.  The surgeon said it takes about a year to heal from the surgery.  I am 8/9 months post-op.  The nerves regenerate and fire off signals. I am not sure if I have been leaning on the place my nerve was moved to in my sleeping and/or waking/working hours.  All I know is this pain today is really annoying.  I tried some Aleve but it’s not alleviating that pain or the headache I have had today.  Unfortunately, with upcoming surgery and vacation, I have no additional time I can take off to rest.  For these type of issues, sedentary work may actually be the most painful!

I feel cruddy and totally anti-social.  I wish I could remain “hidden” all day.  But, alas, my son’s school has an art show I assured him I would attend.  Maybe it will lift my spirits.  He always has a tendency to make me feel happy/silly, even if just for a fleeting moment.  In the between time of work and art show, I am hoping to rest in bed by myself for a bit.  I am sure co-sleeping may be another culprit in my painful day(s)!

Anyhow, as you can plainly see, today is also a major complaining day. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be in a less whiny place.  And, perhaps, pigs will fly!

2 thoughts on “Double-crushed

  1. I wish there were some magic things that would make your pain go away… Have you tried heat and ice? Are you doing any P/T. My friend and I have joined a gym and I’ve been every day for the last 4 days. The prior week we went only 3 days. Plus I have a regular routine of exercise every morning for 45 minutes. I am still in pain in my bad arm, but I feel the arm getting stronger. As for my legs, I guess we’re going through a period of adjustment. Every day the pain is in another place, (Knee, hip, Knee & Hip, other knee, lower back pain, etc. But, I am definitely stronger in my back and can walk much better than I could 2 week ago. I know your problems are different than mine, but you really never know what’s going to help you! Stay strong! And I hope your visit to Roger’s school today buoyed your spirit! Love you, Nancy

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    1. PT amplified my pain terribly. I am cutting out exercise bc most things make my neck/arm pain worse. I cannot do anything that bends my neck or back, anything that stretches my arms out or above my head. I did a walk the other day and my back killed. Just decided to hold off until after surgery since anything I want to pursue has to be cleared by the surgeon anyhow.
      It’s great that you are getting stronger. That’s my plan post-surgery!

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