Bip Zim Bop

Totally non-sensical title.  I didn’t want to put a title like: “Beyond Exhausted” for the umpteenth time or “Feeling the pain”.  But that is where I am at today.

When I went to bed last night, my back/body was in so much pain that I took Tylenol 3.  I have only a few left, so I must ration them!  I probably should have gone for the muscle relaxer since I awoke at the same pain level.  I am sure the pain is not helping my energy levels.  I am exhausted.  I have done my squats, arm exercises, and, currently, riding my bike.  I plan on jumping in the shower after this and am hoping that wakes me up some before Roger gets home from school.  I always need energy for that!


One thought on “Bip Zim Bop

  1. Did you ever listen to the song “Feelin Grovey”? I think the first line is “Slow down, you move to fast!” This applies to you. You have set your exercise goals so high. What about the expression ” Less is more”. I think you need to re-evaluate your exercise routine and make it realistic! Think about it. What can you reduce and still get maximum benefit! Change up the routine? Something that will not exhaust you, but will give you a feeling of accomplishment without the guilt or exhaustion. You are so smart! You can do it!


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